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If your microphone, speakers, or laptop are experiencing glitches during recording, it indicates that your laptop's CPU is being pushed to its limit. To address this issue promptly, follow these steps:

1. Directly connect the microphone to the interface, bypassing any wall sockets. Ensure that the interface is directly connected to your laptop; avoid using USB hubs. Experiment with different USB ports on your laptop, and try an alternate XLR cable if necessary.

2. Adjust your Digital Audio Workstation's (DAW) audio preferences. For example, in Logic Pro X, navigate to Preferences > Audio > Device. Set the Buffer Size based on the following recommendations:

- During recording: Choose the lowest value possible without encountering glitches, typically 64, 128, or 256.

- During mixing/producing: Opt for the highest value possible without glitches, often 1024 or 2048.

Note that audio glitches are typically a result of CPU overload. While reducing the buffer size decreases latency, it can also increase CPU overload, causing glitches. Find the optimal value for your laptop during recording, usually selecting from 64, 128, or 256. Follow the buffer size guidelines provided above.

3. On a Mac, adjust the buffer size within the DAW's audio preferences menu.

On a PC, explore your DAW's audio settings to locate the ASIO driver (usually ASIO4all), allowing you to adjust the buffer size to the recommended values.

4. If the problem persists:

- Ensure you have the latest version of Focusrite Control installed. Download the latest version from [Focusrite's official website]

- Close all applications, leaving only Focusrite Control open. Click on File > Restore Factory Defaults > OK.

5. Open Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac). Locate the process labeled "FocusriteControlServer" and quit/end the process. 

It will reset automatically, and in some cases, prompt you to update your firmware.

Once completed, the issue should be resolved.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please provide a video to [email protected] demonstrating the stuttering track for further assistance.

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