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New to podcast? Here is a few tips to get you started.

What to bring?

A MicroSD card (Recommended Memory 16GB) - Please click here to see the recommended SD cards

A Laptop to record direct to a software (Optional) - 

A Camera to record the podcast live (Optional)

At All Nighter Studios, we use the RØDECaster Pro With 4 Rode Podmic.

Below you can see what the RØDECaster looks like and what each knob does.

So now you know the basics of the RØDECaster Pro, you are to take the first step to professional podcasting!

This guide will get you started in just three easy steps.

1. Make sure everything is plug in on the RØDECaster Pro & turn on the system.

2. Push up the fader for the channels you are using to the about fifth line from the top. This is called ‘unity gain’ and is a good place to start. Turn up the headphone knob for the channel to about halfway.

3. Press the large 'REC' button to start recording. You should see a timer begin to count, indicating you are recording. To stop recording when you’re finished, press the 'REC’ button again. You have just recorded a podcast!

You can also check out the getting started video from RØDE

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