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Serato User

1. Open the recording panel by pressing the REC icon in the top left corner.

2. Double-check the source is set to “Mix”.

3. Make sure audio is coming through and you aren’t redlining in the record panel.

4. When you are ready, press record in your recording software, and start your mix.

5. When you are finished, make sure you stop the recording and save the mix to a location of your choice.

Rekordbox user

1. Click the [REC] icon at the top left of the screen to open the recording panel of Rekordbox.

2. Click the [REC] button in the recording panel to start recording.

3. To end recording, click the [REC] button again.

4. When recording completes, you can fill in the details and save your mix.

Traktor user

1. Set the Mixing Mode to Internal in the Output Routing tab of the TRAKTOR Preferences.

2. In the Mix Recorder Preferences, set the Source to Internal.

3. Open the Audio Recorder Panel in TRAKTOR’s Global Section. It’s at the same place in the user interface as the second FX Panel. Clicking on the tape symbol makes the Audio Recorder visible.

Note: If you can’t see the Global Section, head to Global Settings and enable “Show Global Section”.

4. You can now start your recording by hitting the Record button.

5. Your completed DJ mixes will show in the Traktor browser and saved to Music>Traktor>Recordings

USB user

1. Use the DJM-REC app on your iOS device to record/stream.

2. Connect to an external recorder.

3. Connect via USB to a computer to record/stream.

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