What should I Bring?

All Nighter Studios

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Production Pro Room / Production Room / Production Lite Rooms

  • Laptop
  • USB Hub
  • Adapter
  • Hard drive (Optional)
  • Keyboard & Mouse (Optional)

Our audio interface supports USB-B only, Please bring a USB hub and any adapters you need for your session. The audio interface does not support Chromebook laptops.

Download the latest drivers here (Production Pro Room)

Download the latest drivers here (Production Room)

DJ Pro Room / DJ Room

  • Laptop (Serato users: Please ensure you have the latest drivers, operating system & software)
  • USBs (Make sure your USB stick is formatted in Ex-Fat or FAT32, and don't forget to process the tracks through Rekordbox beforehand, Use Pioneer's free Rekordbox software to prepare your tracks in advance, allowing you to make full use of the CDJs.
  • Any cables you need to connect it to the CDJs / Controller e.g. USB A to B or USB C to B and a USB hub
  • Headphones
  • Microphone (Optional)
  • Phone stand (Optional)

Important note:

Our DJ Decks in the DJ Pro do not support CDs.

To use the controller in our dj room please install the DDJ-XZ Driver here

To use the decks in our dj pro room please install the Pioneer 3000 driver here

To use the mixer in our dj pro room please install the DJM900NXS2 driver here

*Please make sure you have latest software and operating system to use our equipment*

Podcast Room

  • MicroSD card (Recommended Memory 16GB) - Please click here to see the recommended SD cards
  • Laptop (Optional)
  • Camera (Optional)

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